The project 'Restaurant of the Future' was a result of the ambition of the Portuguese National Association of F&B (AHRESP) to know and anticipate the future of this important economic sector. The project deserved formal recognition by the Regional Planning Commission of North Portugal (CCDRN), which co-funded the project through the Operational Programme 'Norte', defining the Douro Region as a pilot area. The development of the project was carried out by Idtour - Unique Solutions, a spin-off company, for the tourism area, of the University of Aveiro.

The project aimed at contributing to the transversal qualification of the F&B sector by:
    - Envisaging the model of the restaurant of the future, through the crosswise analysis of the competitive factors in the F&B sector;
    - Developing technology-based information systems to support the operation, management and dynamics of the F&B sector;
       -Producing a reference manual for the F&B sector (White Paper for the F&B Sector).

The main goals of the project were materialized on the strategic vectors, which determined the structural actions that defined the terms in which the project would be executed:

    - Action 1. Competitive Factors of the F&B Sector
Group of factors and critical areas that determine the operational success of the F&B sector, without neglecting its value chain.
    - Action 2. Technologies and Information Systems for the F&B Sector
Development of technology-based solutions to promote the competitiveness of the F&B sector in several areas.
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    - Action 3. Business and Governance Model for the F&B Sector
Identification of regional stakeholders and formal and informal networks of relationships that determine the value chain and establish interdependencies between subsectors, which is able to potentiate regional development and cohesion.
    - Action 4. Dissemination of Knowledge and Communication
Portfolio of communication instruments to support the development of the project itself and the discussion/diffusion of the produced results.
    - Action 5. Monitoring Commission
National and regional organizations with direct and indirect intervention on the F&B sector.

The project 'Restaurant of the Future' had an implementation period of 24 months (2 years) and it was concluded by the end of 2012.